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I work with teams of all sizes to build beautiful, scalable and managable web experiences

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Skills and Expertise

I have experience working across a diverse range of different technologies and projects. Here are my main areas of expertise, but if there's anything you'd like to explore that's not mentioned, please get in touch to find out more.

Front-end Development

This is the area of the web that I love the most and where the strongest impression of a client's brand is felt - The quality and care of how that experience has been implemented can make or brake that impression.

From apps, campaign pages, to entire scailible enterprise sites, I have worked with a whole range of solutions.

Adobe Experience Manager

Having spent the last 3 years working with Adobe's flagship product in the Marketing Cloud Suit, I've seen a lot of exciting changes and opportunities for both the technologists and marketeers.

I love breaking down technical solutions and explaining how they can be used by teams at all levels. My experience in AEM has always offered this to me and has given me the chance to help authoring teams, marketeers and technicians alike.

PHP Development

The bread and butter of most of the web and where most developers start, I'm no exception. Today I work with teams and other developers, usually working in Wordpress and ExpressionEngine, to deliver whole site builds down to bespoke plugins.

About Me

I am a self-employed front-end, AEM (Adobe CQ) and PHP developer from England. I hold a degree in Physics and have spent the last few years working with large, medium and small businesses to create cool and exciting experiences online.

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